Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Love You Paulo Coelho! ♥

I was digging up my old pictures a while ago when I saw the screen shots that I took last year. I'm a heavy Twitter user since...I don't remember but, yeah, I've been using Twitter for quite sometime now. 

When my account wasn't protected, I used to reply to celebrities, reporters and even authors. Then one day, I was trying my hardest to make Paulo Coelho noticed me that I tweeted this: Maris said that I can "dream on" for wishing that someday, @paulocoelho would reply to my rude.but I'm still waiting.:D I didn't even think about my grammar! At some point, I got his name wrong! :)) But that day, I was the luckiest person alive! Paulo Coelho replied on my tweet! I know some of you don't see it as something that big of a deal but for me it really is. I was jumping up and down in my seat and while I was typing, replying to some of the people who really supported my dream, my hands were shaking! Like REALLY SHAKING! See for yourself, proofs below :D

Tweetdeck Screenshot

Paulo Coelho's Twitter account


  1. You're very witty and write well. It seems that we have many of the same interests, except that I'm probably a lot older than you. Good blogs.



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