Monday, November 21, 2011

My Life Begins Today!

I went to church yesterday. My initial plan was to attend the service in the morning but, as always, I wasn’t able to wake up early. I know I should’ve slept earlier but…eee. No excuses there. So anyway, I asked my father if I could go—because he’s a tyrant—and he said yes. I was in a hurry because I only had 20 minutes to prepare then. But I made it! Yeeeah!

As I was walking towards the chruch, I was much shaking in my pants. I hate that feeling. I was thinking about these things, those instances, you. I steered to the right side of the church to hide from you—if in case you were there. But I didn’t see you which was a relief...I guess. But I saw Ching and my plan to escape as soon as possible didn’t happen. And I promised myself never to attend the mass with you in it. It makes me crazy!

Kai and I talked about you. You know, the lunch we had together? Do you remember that? That was a long time ago, yes. She thinks you were kind. I’m not sure about that but I kind of believed her. She was asking me about stuffs and I told her everything. But I said that it was a summer romance, something that you can’t hold on to forever, a fleeting moment. Well, we can’t really expect things to last forever. Nothing lasts forever, in the human context of course.

Today, I’m not gonna worry about things. I surrender everything and I will obey. It is hard. But I’m not bothered. Because like you, I believe that God will not let me live life alone. :)

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