Monday, November 21, 2011

No to Mining in Palawan

I bumped into this site a loooong time ago but I didn't really blog about it. I'm not sure why. But I truly support them and their advocacy and even signed their signature campaign. The site is about saving Palawan, a place in the Philippines where its natural beauty is being threatened by those people whose only concern is to make money for themselves. They even have this ad telling people that there's life in mining (not sure if it's affiliated with them but surely, they're benefiting from it). LIFE. They dare use that word. Yeah so they said there's life in mining as they will be employing miners and other employees to succeed with their evil plans. Their employees would get some benefits and of course with a little uh, side effects...not only on their health but on the whole residents' health as well.

I encourage everyone (especially the Filipinos) to join this cause and sign their names to stop this UNBELIEVABLE abuse to our Mother Earth. Please, please go to No2MiningInPalawan and join this cause. Sign with your name and help save Palawan!

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