Friday, November 4, 2011

That Awkward Moment

When my sister was about to enter Grade 4 (primary level) in one of the public schools in our town—and I as a Grade 2, she convinced mom to transfer us in a private school. She was crying and was really desperate to attend a different school since she was terrorized by the stories of some students regarding the Grade 4 teacher. During those times, there was only one other school that you could choose—Maryknoll High School of Maniki (MHSM). Mom was hesitant at first to transfer us since it would mean high tuition fees and expensive miscellaneous. But after a whole summer of begging and crying, mom eventually accepted the idea. And so we were enrolled with a huge smile on my sister’s face. /wahaha 

The change on my part was big. Although I don’t have a lot of friends in my old school, the idea of being in a Catholic school somewhat frightened me. Slowly, I was adapting to the whole new environment—prayer every morning, noon, afternoon (where students always end in a long stupor); a snack break twice a day (we only had a snack break during morning in my old school); and nuns as teachers (how cool was that?).

Being part of a Catholic school, the nuns conduct prayers every day. One of these prayers was done every morning which includes the Rosary and The Litany. And I was really having the time of my life. The time I spent on MHSM was great and during those years, I became friends with everybody. Not that I wasn’t friendly or anything. And I’m not being defensive…Well OK I wasn’t and I am! But that was a long time ago. :P

Before I became a bona fide Maryknollian, I experienced a lot of awkwardness mainly because I was a know-it-all and I always strived to be a teacher’s pet—not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, you know, being a teacher’s pet. Anyway, my first day at that school was a total mess. Let me tell you how that happened…

We all know right, that there are five stages of the rosary? Google it then if you must. So yeah, the first mystery came and all was starting to fall back into our sits (teachers are conducting it on a per class basis). And then the second mystery came and we were allowed to (finally) sit on our chairs. I remember how I diligently responded to all the Holy Mary’s that I could utter—new student means new fervent worshiper. Then the leader said: “The third Mystery of the yadah yadah…Our Father in heaven…” With that, I immediately assumed it as a cue for everybody to stand up. And in my mind I was like: Are you that lazy? Come on, be nice and keep your butts off your chair and support me! But no one did so I gave them a compelling look that you could interpret as: “Stand up! Now! Before I bust my face here and look like a total idiot!” Still, there’s no support. And in my desperation to seek approval, I looked at my teacher with a face that would suggest: “Aren’t you gonna support me? Please?” /please And that teacher just stared at me with a blank expression on her face!---And I was like: How could you?! HAHAHAHA! Defeated and totally humiliated with a total awkwardness in the atmosphere, I sadly fell back in my chair and stared at the other side where no one can see my red hot face. /no

That’s when I learned that students must only stand up at the fifth mystery. And pitiful me thought it’s an alternate thing where you sit and stand up for the whole duration of the Rosary! That’s pretty embarrassing if you’re there. Imagine the look on my classmates faces as they all smile and turn away. AAAARGH! /floor

Lesson learned: Never, EVER, assume things especially if you’re in a new environment. Observe, observe, and always OBSERVE!

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