Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This December is MINE!

December is just 2 sleeps away! I'm excited this coming December because I will be seeing a lot of people (HOPEFULLY) including my beloved (Mature)4, the Big4, the Z3 peeps, and the CUBEHEADS (not sure if that's the official name or what)! I've always dreaded December because of some issues that my family is struggling to get through but my friends are the best, especially the Mature4--I AM the mature and the 4 would be Kring, Kai, Kim and Yang.I sincerely wish that we could have our long planned overnight. I'm okay with not staying in MP as long as we can spend time together--with my 4 sidekicks best friends plus 1. :D

God took some people away from me this year for me to grow up and to become more MATURE, to realize my value as a person and as a woman (not a girl anymore), to make up for the things that I have neglected, to find my purpose, and to be born again in God's family. It was a long and painful process to go through but I know (and I can feel it) that this year is still one of the best years in my life. I have so much to thank for. :)

Yes, there were disappointments, pains and even discouragements but all of them are needed to mold the person that I am now. I would say that this December is mine. There are a lot of things to look forward to. And I can't wait for them to happen! :D

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