Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today's Google Doodle

One of the reasons why people love Google is because of their Google Doodle. Today, since I'm not in my right mind to write something with much more sense, I decided to feature today's Google Doodle.

I was searching about that thing that you call when one's productivity increases when the person is being watched and since yesterday, I was google-ing it when finally, I asked my friend Natalie (who's a psychology major) to help me out with it as I remember that it has something to do with psychology. She told me that it's called Fixed Ratio Reinforcement. I remember we tackled this in our Psychology subject way back in college but I just got this feeling that it's not what I'm looking for. So like any other things that you are not sure, I googled. And I found out that what I'm really looking for is the Hawthorne Effect. :)

(I've been ranting about things that you're not really interested. XD)

Here's the screen shots of today's Google Doodle. And you can click here for all the archives of Google Doodle. 

Today's Google Doodle celebrates the anniversary of "Stanislaw Lem's first book publication." I think it's pretty interactive. The last time I really enjoyed their doodle was when they honored Les Paul. :)

But, it's not available in the homepage of other countries so I suggest you click this.

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