Saturday, December 3, 2011

That One Thing That Frustrates Me

For some reason, some people still calls me inday (a word in a Filipino language that can be loosely translated to 'little girl') - which is REALLY ANNOYING. Come on, people. I'm already 22 years old! I sometimes wear glasses just to STRESS out that I am mature enough and for people to stop treating me like a little kid. Seriously,  it gets on my nerves especially when someone would talk to me and dismisses me like I'm a 10 year old.

First theory: It's because of my height. I feel that it's about my height and I hate it. Although God told us to love ourselves, I just can't help but to feel awful that I'm SUPER short. And sometimes I'm really tempted to drink some height enhancement pill even if it's that expensive (I have ruled that out after a few days of reading The Purpose Driven Life but you know, temptations are always there). I just don't understand why my brothers get to be this tall and I'm stuck in this height for the rest of my life. And people will always make me feel like I don't belong in the adult world, like my opinions are never valued and that everything that I do or say will always be scrutinized or branded as something not worth paying attention to. It sucks.

Second theory: I wear baggy pants and shirts. Well that's because I'm in our house, doing nothing. So why would I dress to impress? I take some effort when I run some errands but not when I'm in our house. And one of my father's employee would talk to me as if he's talking to some kid who can't easily understand what he's saying. The shadow of being this Dora-like person is like a stink that won't go away!

Third theory: My small but audible voice. My voice is not that high-pitched but sometimes, people would say that I talk like a kid. And I will say this without bias or anything but I-certainly-am-NOT-talking-like-Bubbles-of-Power-Puff-Girls-or-some-random-crackpot-cartoon-character.

I also remembered that time when I was applying into this banking company and for some reason, the HR officer told me that I write like a kid--like her grade 2 niece. How's that even possible?! All I did was to write that bloody essay about my greatest achievement in life and made sure that it's readable and now I'll be accused of being this little kid writing an adult essay and I KNOW in my heart that I will be haunted by her comment for the rest of my life! She even asked why I write that way. And because I was so surprised with what she said, I just told her that I'm not good at writing with my hands. Stupid me.

Please, please, please people. Just treat me like an adult. It's been two years since I wrote that 'I'm Not a Kid Anymore' post and I still can't get away with this you-look-like-a-kid comment. It's frustrating!

Now that feels great, just letting it all out. :)

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