Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Night With Good Friends

Last December 26, 2011, I went to the city! YEAH! After months of not seeing my friends, I was able to meet my former classmates (Z3). We had lunch and it was fun. I decided to be in the city earlier than that of the agreed time I'm supposed to meet the (Mature)4 so I can spend time with the Z3 people.

Von is bigger than the last time I saw him! And Roselle, well, she gained a few pounds and told us all that she's now exercising. Honey's still beautiful. :) It was a lunch together with Moi, Jing, Maris, Nat, Paul, Lloyd and Jose. After, I met up with Kring, Kim, Kai, Yang, Lloyd (again) and Camz.

We had dinner (except Kim), took pictures, ate, took pictures some more and talked about everything. We stayed in an inn and had breakfast the next day. Lloyd was a bit sick and Kai. I think it has something to do with the weather.  But overall, it was ALL FUN! I'm thankful that I get to see Lloyd and Kim before they resume their work in faraway lands. :D Thank you guys! (Photos credit to Kring)

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