Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank You!

Last January 14 of this year, my story got published. It got published in a Filipino blog called Definitely Filipino. I was like saying OMG the whole time I learned it got published. Some commented that that post made his day but his comment made mine. The most heartwarming of all was those people who are now taking some efforts to show their love for their family. I'm jealous at them but happy at the same time.

Today, I read it again and found a whole lot of grammatical errors! :)) Okay, I know I'm not good about grammars and stuff but that's the story I willingly submitted to a wide audience, hence the need to double check it a million times. But it's done and there's nothing more that I can do about it. That article was written a long time ago... around 2009 and I was still grasping the thought of being a blogger. Or maybe not :P

The article I submitted was just a short story but I felt the urgency to share it to everybody because I really believe that we should treasure each others company as long as we can since we don't know when our time will come. The title was A Confession: To the Woman I First Loved. And that's my first and last display of grief publicly. All my post from here on now will be mine and well, to anyone who wishes to visit. If there's even one. HAHAHA!

I submitted it maybe because I still haven't gotten over my mom and her death. I was there when her right arm got broken, we were in an ambulance and I was just this kid trying to calm both of us. I know I could have done more when we were in the hospital... It's easy to say that I haven't forgiven myself but Jesus died for all of my past shortcomings and I, as a believer, should have forgiven myself a long time ago. It's hard. I didn't really expect that she'll die... But she did.

And that was a minute of reminiscing the most tragic thing that ever happened in my life. :) I just wanted to thank everyone who appreciated my story, our story. And don't stop loving everyone. Be thankful that they're still there to scold you and annoy and everything else that comes along with having them still. Thanks for the warm feedback, it's truly inspiring to hear such nice comments. So long! :)

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