Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunlit Day


Tuesday Miracle

Hi People!

I'm a budding photographer (or so I claimed). Naah, just wanted to experience freezing those great moments...  and this is one of my first shots. So if you get uh, lost, this blog is all about photography. But very amature-ish. Thus, the name Aperturestic. :) Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Happy summer! At least it is in the Philippines. I wish I could go out and have my summer picture taken somewhere down the Caribbean. Ha! How I wish. :P

SO anyway, I’d like to inform all the visitors of this blogsite that I’m doing a minor revamping. This entails posts being moved to a different blogsite. For instance, all the Potter related stuffs that I have posted here will be moved to Potter Whiz—a newly created blog which will discuss (hopefully I can update it as much) all about Potter-ish topics. That explains all the “For your information: The contents of this blah blah blah” text that I have written in place of the original post.

Instructions on how to edit a certain setting in a site/browser/any technology-related topic are also being moved to Tempo—for temporary. I’m still unsure on what to call it but you can visit it if you have the time.. :D

As for this blog, I’m still keeping it for all my opinions and other stuffs that aren’t related to those recently created blogsites. So expect a lot of opinions and boring posts :P

Having said all that, I’m apologizing for the confusion it brought you. Thank you and happy reading! :D

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