Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hail to Peter West Carey. No Rules!

I know this is overexposed, but who cares really?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hunger Games

I promised myself that I will not be doing a book review after Fifty Shades but since I read this incredible book, I decided to go for it one more time; not because of the hype but because it's a riveting story with a riveting plot.

By this time, I would assume that you have heard of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Ok, I admit. I never heard of her before (my knowledge about authors is not that great) but the story is just amazing that I can't let myself to pass this opportunity to share to everyone how good it is. I know this is soo 70s but a good book does not have a shell life of a couple of years.

Enough of the talk. If, by any chance, you've read the book (and not just watched the movie), then perhaps you'd know that there are a some flaws in the book - I think that all book has it's own imperfection so we're not going to dwell on that. You can even throw stones at the book with these: Run-on sentences, a lot of fragments, wrong punctuations, lack of depth with the characters, et cetera, et cetera. But as much as some people hates the book, I LOVE IT. Every chapter is a cliffhanger, making you to read the next page and then the next page after that until you realized it's already 2am in the morning. Every scene begs to crack as revelations are being told. It's not predictable and you'll love the other characters even more as you go deeper and deeper towards the end.

I have not watched the movie. And I'm not sure I will ever be satisfied with it after I read the book. It's rich, full of surprises and fresh that I'm afraid I will be disappointed if I watch it. I just feel like every bad book are exposed in a good light when they are adapted to a movie but when it comes to a good book, movie authorities only knows how to make it bad, worse even (cough Twilight Saga cough).

I guess one of the things that made this novel so great is because it is a dystopian story. It keeps you unguarded on what will happen next making you susceptible to mouth-opening moments. I SWEAR I caught myself - A LOT OF TIMES - with my mouth open while reading a certain shocking scene all over again. There's a lot of those moments once you read the second book (Catching Fire) and the third (Mockingjay).

After the third book and three nights of sleep deprivation, I finished the whole trilogy exhausted. That's how good it was. I'm not saying that you're favorite book is not, I just think that this is a good opportunity to learn new things and enjoy the creativity of other people.

If there's one thing I could change with this whole Hunger Games Trilogy, I would change the POV to third person. I'm frustrated that people (in the whole series) doesn't know how to mourn. It's like, they are just accepting things as they are no matter how bizarre it is. If it was done with a third POV, it would have been exceptional.

Well, that's all for now. Kapish!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Burst of Lights

This and the above picture were set to a 30sec exposure

On the other hand, this is a 1sec exposure.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yellow Chairs

When I saw this at the opening, wooah! I just remembered those times in college with yellow chair. HAHAHA! :D

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bulb Photography 101

Me and my brother had our first experience with bulb photography last last week. 'Course I was researching it for quite a while and the look on his eyes when he saw the output- Yiiiik :P Hehe. So we used the flashlight at this time and realized that when using long exposures and want to capture the light, the room needs to be completely dark to avoid unnecessary lights such as that of picture number 2 wherein the light of the TV is visible. Arms of the person wiggling the light is a little visible as well. :P And yeah, "AKO" means I or me - that's in TAGALOG, Jenny for my name and Zoe for my niece's name. :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

I went to the city last weekend and I saw K and C. We watched Spiderman and it was fun. But while we were waiting for the movie to start, C recommended this great book (she said it is). She added that it’s erotic and said that it’s a soft porn – as the people over the internet would call it. Then she gave K and me a copy of the trilogy. Yes a trilogy of that mommy porn soft porn. Apparently, it's been in the limelight since it was published last year and continues to be after Universal buys out the rights to make it a movie.

As I was reading the first book, I thought I glided over it, more like skimmed. But I read it. I just get that kind of feeling that I just skimmed the whole book though I didn’t. But here’s my review (if you can call it one) of it:

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