Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are You a Responsible Netizen?

The use of social media nowadays is everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean all the people are excessively using Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc. Even those babies who have been born this month are now trying to post status messages. How ridiculous can we get?

But that’s just me. It’s not hurting anyone so I don’t really care that much. They’re just taking unnecessary space in the company’s database but it’s their call, really. What I’m concerned about is how responsible people really are in using their social networking accounts.

Sure, no one can stop us from posting photos, status messages, tweets, and share stuff all we want. By all means, this is a free country. But we must always remember that no matter what we post in our accounts, we are always, ALWAYS affecting people – be it a good post or not. I remember this story (related to me by my officemate) about someone who posted a photo of his new bike. But for some reason, the International Police got hold of that post. Turns out, the new bike he bought was a hot one. There’s also this story of a couple of teenagers who posted a video in Youtube of how they murdered a doctor in his own house. Because they thought they outsmarted the doctor by posting such appalling act, the NBI got hold of their necks in no time. And now, with all these calamities, all these dead people and homeless families suffering, I don’t think posting a derogatory remark about a particular part of the country helps. I mean really? Naturally, people from the Luzon area will most likely hunt you down if you post something about them deserving such disastrous event.

We, as employees of the people, need to be careful with what we do, post, and basically everything that we do. We are not paid to use these sites DURING office hours. I know this argument is debatable as some would claim that it’s helping them focus more on their jobs, socializing over the internet that is. Okay so you can use these sns but PLEASE, spare the agency some dignity.

And oh, joking about being happy of the trauma of others? Not acceptable. It’s the kind of joke that will forever leave a bad taste in YOUR history.

People, even me as well, sometimes forget that what we do is a reflection of our upbringing. And even to the point of relating what we do to our own employers as well. The shame is bearable in some ways. But if that shame is pulling down those people we respect, those we owe so much, those we are serving, then I must say we must really be responsible with what we post. A motto that we must all live by: Think before you click.

Everything, even the ones we deleted, will stay over the internet. Remember, almost all of the things that we consume is electric operated, pictures are digital, and things can be restored in just a few clicks. It will multiply in hundreds, thousands, millions, and so on.

Ahhh. This frustrates me. I will not scrutinize. But did I just do that? Baaa. This is just a reminder that using SNS is free.

Free at what price?

Our own lives and freedom, I suppose.

You  must pay for everything in this world one way or another. There is nothing free, except the grace of God. - Mattie Ross, True Grit

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