Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's My Time to Shine!

I admit. I am a frustrated dancer. Yes, shameful as it may seem to my friends but I really am. I don't know how it started or who influenced me to like dancing to the point of obsession but I just woke up one day and started obsessing how to get the right steps of Girl's Generation Genie dance step. Laugh if you must but I think I have decent moves in it's chorus part. *dancing to the tune of Moves Like Jagger.*

September is fast approaching and the Civil Service Month is just days away. And so, as part of the HRD team, we are working our asses off to get that month pristine perfect. DAYS AWAY. And where not even close to have that bloody activity design approved. Yeah. That's pristine perfect at its truest sense. *smirk So anyway, one day, this girl showed up beside my table and said to me that I'll be dancing for this month's fellowship. I was like, I can't. And she said, we'll you don't have that much option dear as if saying to me that, dance or lose your job. Nah, just kidding. I was first hesitant since I have never, EVER dance modern with full of body aching pops in my WHOLE life. Oh, maybe once, or a couple of times when I was still a kid and not some lonesome teenager. But that was ages ago! But she left just after that short conversation and I was sitting in my chair with my jaws open. And I felt like I was robbed and left to die in the sidewalk miserably.  But that thing never happened which is really unfortunate but hey, looking on the brighter side, I thought to myself that night that I could now showcase my dancing prowess. Don't you think? No?

Days after I said yes, I asked my friend Sang to bust me some moves to get me warmed up to our official practice but my phone got busted instead. So I came into the practice unprepared. What a shame. The illusion of strucking them with my hidden moves are just gone. EEEE. Whatever. HAHAH! Roll your eyes, go ahead. But I tell you I can dance. Well, some of the frustrated dancers would say that so just give me some sympathy over here.

Fellowship's day is just days away and I'm literally shaking from excitement! Let's shine the stage. Anyone up to be my backup dancers? 

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