Friday, August 10, 2012

The Abominable South West Moonsoon

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The Moonsoon weather has left 49 dead and a million of distressed Filipinos in just a week. It has been a sad week. And even though I live in Mindanao, I worry so much about the condition in Manila since I have friends who may be affected by the flood. It’s not even a typhoon. It’s just rain. Heavy and loads and loads of rain.

It’s horrifying to think that something so disastrous could happen in just a week. Reports say that there’s a really a lot of water – even more so than that of Ondoy typhoon. Children, men and women – dead. Thousands were left homeless. Nobody got spared. Hospitals, school, rich and poor, all them suffered. With that being said, I’m imploring to all those kind hearts to donate all usable things that they could muster. A couple of clothes can do much more than let them rot in your closets.

It’s heartbreaking to come home every night and hear/see people trying to survive swimming in that filthy flood and fighting for their lives. It’s as if swimming in the water could also mean swimming away from that awful scene. Water gallons were used for the people to stay afloat, keeping their spirits up as well. I really salute people who go beyond their duties and serve those who are being affected by the flood. I give my highest praise to the Filipinos who give a day of their lives to help, without even thinking about their flooded homes.

Want to help? Click here.

An excerpt from the above article: 
Helping through Mobile (Philippines TelCommunications Only)
You can donate to Red Cross via Smart (and SUN), please text RED <10 100="100" 25="25" 300="300" 500="500" 50="50"> to 4143. For Globe, text RED <5 100="100" 25="25" 500="500" 50="50"> to 2899

Sometimes, I can’t help but think that God must be punishing us, this country. But when I think more about it, God would never allow a great flood that would eliminate this country such that in Noah’s time. All we can do is just trust Him. Because even after all the things that has happened, there’s always a purpose. It will leave us wondering, mad, sad… hopeless even. But remember, he will never give us something we can’t take. Keep fighting. To all the people affected by the flood, my prayers are with you.

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