Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gender Inequality is the Companion of Discrimination

I joined the PCSA Essay Writing Contest but since I didn't win, I'm now posting my entry. :P I know it's a bummer, but my entry is not worth a place. Better luck next time for me, I guess.

Gender inequality is the companion of discrimination. We usually tell ourselves that the era where Martin Luther King, Jr. rallying the streets in relation to black discrimination ended. But in reality, equality has its many forms and has even surpassed the bigotry of one’s skin color. In this modern era, it is unsettling to think that the general public tends to still underrate women in terms of capacity, knowledge, skills and talent. And as much as different organizations are doing the best they can to alleviate the gender gap, their effort alone is not sufficient. With that being said, the government is now trying to help solve this billion-year-old dilemma. But what actions will be taken to reach that goal of equality? How can we, government employees or not, increase gender sensitivity, and eventually sustain it? And when will YOU take part in this drive?

In ancient times, people believe that women belong in the—as the saying goes: kitchen and in bed. Now, women have long outdone that wrong and degrading misconception. I believe that one way to reach the goal of equality is to avoid discrimination in whatever colorful forms they present themselves. Jokes, advertisements, TV shows, music, and books among others were portrayed and still portraying the pathetic presentation of women. Bare skin, particularly that of women, sells quickly as hotcakes in noon and primetime shows and songs that were being claimed as empowering women are like ugly presents wrapped in attractive wrapper. Book authors even argue that their composition is worthy to be in public library which helps women in finding their sexuality are likewise unacceptable. Not patronizing and ultimately admonishing everyone about these at home and in the workplace is one of the things that we can do in increasing gender equality awareness. How do can one minimize, if not eliminate, inequality? Answer: By not participating in any derogatory remarks being thrown to anyone, especially to women. Giving out fair chance to both gender in performing different tasks; understanding that all types of people, women and men alike, can deliver sensible ideas; and realizing that gender is just a word that hinders, more often than not, success – these and a whole lot of actions are just waiting to be practiced if we let it be.

Keeping it afloat (gender responsiveness) is tough. True, we can follow it from time to time but what kind of practice really sticks? How can this change stick? I am convinced that in everything that we do, consistency is the fundamental factor of a successful custom. It’s not always about preaching, and certainly not just application. It would take a consistent application for it to be binding.

More so, I am certain that there is no right/better/good time to take the plunge than NOW. We don’t need to wait for March to realize that there is a continuing gender inequality in the world, nor a case from a neighbor’s wife who got laid off because she’s pregnant.

Being gender responsive doesn’t need to be earth-shattering piece of application. Even a simple way as addressing a chairman or a chairwoman to chairperson could go a long way. We just need to be sensible enough to know and realize that there is a need to uplift one’s responsibility, OUR responsibility, in terms of addressing each gender – totally different but equal.

Finally, it is of great importance to stress that gender receptiveness is not through apathy but of sympathy, not with procrastinating but with eagerness and certainly not seasonal but rather consistent.

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