Monday, November 19, 2012

Anybody Out There

I don’t do this. I do not normally do this. EVER. Eeer, okay, maybe sometimes but.. This is really exhausting. Someone needs to punch me, right in the face if you can, please.

That, as much as I want to be clear, is not a cohesive voicing out of thoughts. I’m getting chickened and all. Am I stupid to do this after all? After telling to myself that I can do this? That I can surpass this with flying colors? Did I make the wrong decision? Or I’m just being judgmental? I have long accepted that that quality is passing. But this time, this time this whole…stuff is bloating like it’s about to explode!

I’ve actually searched for similar situations and I was stunned. There are lots. And when I read their stories, I got disheartened by a few, and a little confused by others. I need some serious help. And quick before it will tear everything apart.

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