Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Look Mature. THANK YOU!

I know this happened a few months ago but everytime I see this, I smile and I try to hug myself for accomplishing something. EEE. Iris pm'ed me on Gtalk one cold afternoon and asked me some question with a beautiful comment. So our conversation happened like this (translation to the above picture):

Iris: Is your picture (on G+) a recent one?

Me: Yes. :)
Iris: You look all grown-up! (Although she said those words interrogatively in our dialect and used the word mature, I prefer to use grown-up. Much so, I refused to take that comment as a way of saying that I look old and weary, thank you very much.)
Me: thank you :) (while smiling broadly staring on my screen in disbelief. ARRRGH!)

And this is what I can say to Iris: You are indeed a true friend. :D

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