Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Am I really? Kai asked me that today and I said to myself, “Bitaw no?” I cannot say for sure. It’s too early to tell. I haven’t had a talk to myself, so to speak. I don’t want to make things complicated by jumping into that conclusion. Not yet. It wouldn’t be fair (And I realized that I’m all for fairness, honesty, and equality these past days… I think I’m poisoned or something).

Things are new and I don’t think it is. But I can’t be so sure, can I? I think I’m moving into this depth obliviously. I need time. And more than anything, it needs time. I’m confused as hell. Today was crazy. I kept on catching myself thinking of unnecessary things… I’m a wreck.

Bruno Mars did this to me. That I can be sure. Or was it Brandy? Either way, I’m screwed… and I think its killing me…

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