Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bring the Bang!

As 2013 is just a few days away, I promise to be good; I will move on from the bad habits that I accidentally did this past year; to get a trainer so that I won’t easily feel tired; I will wake up early so as not to be late; learn the south beach diet (ooops, I think steroids is what I need), and I think I will change. Yes, that I will all do. Really? Yes, half of it; or maybe I’ll start with my diet. What do you think? No? Never.

People generally have this in our so-called New Year’s Resolution. Do we ever learn? The right question for this is: Do we ever, I mean EVER, follow this resolution that we constantly and so dedicatedly make? Yes, 2013 is a good start. But do we need that? A new year to change? Hmm. The more that we delay the “change,” the more time we waste doing the same old, nasty, and smelly habits.

Old. How do you define New Year’s Resolution? For me, it is a set of promises (that some idiotic invented a long time ago) that people do ever year. And it changes every year, mind you. But people suddenly realized that, hey, I can do this every year, the diet that I did last year will be different this next year. I did Dr. Hay diet the year before, this time, I will try the South Beach Diet. Yeah, right. The essence of a resolution (in my opinion) done every start of the year is to do the things you did not do in the previous one. Or perhaps to avoid the bad habits that you have done, whatever view you have. It fits.

Nasty. A recycled resolution will develop a different kind of germ or virus – if you want it to be that way. And eventually, it will mutate into some horrible specie which I will call enviable visualization to annual slothfulness and immense occasion on narcissism or EVASION. Yep. And then we’ll have an excuse to do it all again the next year. I wonder what’s harder: identifying a new resolution (because you finally realized you cannot do them) or recycling the old ones.

Smelly. Well, mostly recycled stuffs smell – like socks. If you do not wash them often, the grimes will infiltrate in all the layers of the fabric. Yes, that too will squash all the good stuffs of a particular thing if you keep on recycling them. After realizing that, you begin to think that there’s no way you will and can do it because you have become immune with that resolution, so to speak. Brandishing it over in all social networking sites won’t help. How many of us have heard the I’m gonna move on, we’re never going back together (isn’t that a song already?) and the ever popular, I’ll start to eat properly to a thinner, bolder, new me – GUILTY!

This year, my new year’s resolution (and the only one I have allowed) is about my longing to get fit (I am underweight). I don’t remember much if it has been my resolution ever since and if I did, give me some leniency here (*laughs)—as trying to get fit is extremely difficult. I did add a few pounds but after working for almost a year, I find myself staring at the weighing scale with horror. I’m officially back to my old weight. Boooo!

Now let’s all be merry and lively. Let’s welcome the year of the Water Snake with a loud bang. Have a Merry New Year! :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

I will host a party today. Why? Because the world is finally ending.Yiiii. But kidding aside, I do not understand why people subscribe to this craziness. If I have listened to every prophecy of the world ending, I would have died every time I heard it. Worse, I would have done the same things as most of the modern doomsday preppers. No disrespect to them here but that’s how I see it. I think it’s just sad that most of them spend their time worrying to what is inevitable. But I guess survival instincts of humanity dictates to prolong our lives no matter what; to save what is savable; to try and amend things even though it we knew exactly that it cannot be amended.

As per 1 Thessalonians 5:2-4, it is being stated that Christ will come like a thief. And yes, no one will know when he will come, only the father knows (Mark 13:32-33).  So as a form of getting the truth, or close to it, I asked my mentors and co-workers to what they think of the parousia happening today. Some of them said that no, it’s not happening, not now, not in the near future.  Some even said that they do not think he is that merciless to put people—the ones he created—to hell. Others said that just as long as we believe in Christ, we can be saved. How about those that don’t, I ask. They will not be saved, he said; shame on them that they did not meet Christ in their lives. And at the end of the day, I believed I have reached my limit. Some I understand and some I do not. I got more confused to a few but few of the things I believe in were validated.

But what does end of the world means? Should we take this literally? Like how Babylon fell down? Eventually, the entire race in this generation will end, more so with the war that the people are engaging. Sooner or later, we will all perish. And all will be left are the historical debris of yesterday. All I’m saying is we should party like the world is ending today. We cannot stop, avoid, delay the things that will surely come. Much like death… Always there, waiting, bidding it’s time for our individual judgment day. Are we prepared?

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I guess I was still hoping. Yii. I know I shouldn’t be. And I’m sorry EDG but I can’t help it. From now on, I will be faithful. You deserve better and I’m trying to be better, or close to it. I’m not gonna let you go as some idiots would do when they realized that they are not good enough for someone that they like… or love perhaps. I did that once too, you know. And somehow, it was the right thing to do because I cannot go on forever, and cling, and wait for a one sided love to flourish. But this time, I know, you love me. EEEEK. Let the world end because I don’t want to ever say that again. Or assume. AM I?

In effect of this Miss Universe 2012 brouhaha, I’m also skipping here. Trying to figure out things, and reconcile the things that I do not like to a person. Want some samples? Well, I hate smoking. And you know that. Soo… Ha! This is hard. :P

Guitar icon on its way. Just wait for it. :)

As for the unfaithful-issue, my emotions are now solely exclusive. My body is, and has been exclusive. The presence that I project was that, but not my emotions. Unconsciously, I was cheating. And I never accepted that fact until now. Oh well. Slow brains tend to be more prone to accidents such as breaking glasses… Duh. What am I even talking here?

All i know is this: I WANT THIS TO WORK. There. Happy?

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