Thursday, December 20, 2012


I guess I was still hoping. Yii. I know I shouldn’t be. And I’m sorry EDG but I can’t help it. From now on, I will be faithful. You deserve better and I’m trying to be better, or close to it. I’m not gonna let you go as some idiots would do when they realized that they are not good enough for someone that they like… or love perhaps. I did that once too, you know. And somehow, it was the right thing to do because I cannot go on forever, and cling, and wait for a one sided love to flourish. But this time, I know, you love me. EEEEK. Let the world end because I don’t want to ever say that again. Or assume. AM I?

In effect of this Miss Universe 2012 brouhaha, I’m also skipping here. Trying to figure out things, and reconcile the things that I do not like to a person. Want some samples? Well, I hate smoking. And you know that. Soo… Ha! This is hard. :P

Guitar icon on its way. Just wait for it. :)

As for the unfaithful-issue, my emotions are now solely exclusive. My body is, and has been exclusive. The presence that I project was that, but not my emotions. Unconsciously, I was cheating. And I never accepted that fact until now. Oh well. Slow brains tend to be more prone to accidents such as breaking glasses… Duh. What am I even talking here?

All i know is this: I WANT THIS TO WORK. There. Happy?

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