Monday, August 22, 2016

17 Days To Go

Today, I decided to trash all the unnecessary stuff that I have in my room. But then I spent almost 3 hours of rehearsing how I should fit all my clothes in two bags. Then a thought came up to me. Since they are trying to cut the costs of travel expenses, they will be booking us on a budget air company. And if that happens, our 30kg baggage allowance will now be reduced to 20 which is a total letdown because I was expecting to have a similar baggage allocation before. That was the reason why I did not fully send all my clothes in the balik bayan box last month. And now I am sooo stressed out because apart from the need to fit all my clothes in these two bags, now I have to think of adding a baggage allowance four hours prior to the scheduled flight (they don't allow over the counter payments). The money that I will be paying for the extra weight is not really the issue why I am so disappointed. It's the hassle, and the stress, and the thought of having to throw some of my clothes away. Possibly. I don't know.

So it's already 2 in the morning here and I have three full bags of trash. I was thinking of bringing home my notes, the magazines, and several items with sentimental memories on them but decided against it. Then I saw this:

My 14 months of stay here in Oz summed up in a single cork board. There's so much memories in that board and yes, it's messy, always has been, but that's my Australia life right there. It's amazing how a year has gone by - almost like an instant lightning. There were times that I'd be so sad of how difficult living and studying here and the next thing I knew, I'm almost done. Well, I only need to wait for my grades so yes, I'm really done. On that note, I only have seventeen days to go before going home. I cannot believe Im days away from that day! See you soon home!

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