Monday, August 8, 2016

A Review: Romantic Bear Wow Long Lasting Lip Colour

It's been a while since I wrote something here but just wanted to tell you readers (if there is one) about this cool lipstick that I found a long time ago. I found this lippy through Facebook and thought that it's good to use especially if you are like me who looks like a zombie without a lipstick on. My lips are not even pinkish. They're just dead. I don't smoke but I have this horrible lips that would peel every so often. Currently, I use this lip and cheek stain from Ever Bilena and IT IS GLORIOUS.

You can use it as a blush on or like a normal lipstick. My problem with this one is that after 30 minutes or so, the colour starts fading. Well, it will start fading the moment you lick your lips so you have to be careful. The reason why I don't use the regular lipstick is the thought that I will have sticky lips. Hence, I need to find something new. So here I am ordering this Romantic Bear lippy from e-bay and today, I found it my mailbox. Yeey!

The seller that I order this from has six shades (Watermelon, Sexy Red, Rose Pink, Lovely Peach, Sweet Orange, and Cherry Red) but they labeled their products as 1-6 so there is no way of knowing what I will get. I got a Cherry Red as you can see in the picture above. On a side note: This is the second time I ordered because the first one didn't find it's way to my place so I had to re-order it. When I tried the product, it's a sticky cold gel-ish lippy with a consistency that is similar to honey. The Cherry Red smells like a berry, sort of a really really sweet candy.

So here it was. As you can see, I was able to smudge it and the line surrounding my lips wasn't neat as well so you have to work that out because it's a bit difficult to get a perfect line, I tell you. You don't have to apply it thickly as long as your lips are well covered. You'll just have to wait for around 4-6 minutes for the gel to dry and you can peel it off. It gets messy as I was peeling it off so I advice you not to try it for the first time if you have an important meeting afterwards. Once you get the hang of it, I think you'll be okay. I had to re-apply mine cause I was not able to perfectly outline it to my lips but it turned out okay I guess. Time for the big reveal:

I don't like it just because it's so red. I wouldn't recommend the Cherry Red for those who don't use vivid lipsticks because from my perspective, my lips are so plum it does not look natural as what my Ever Bilena would usually achieve. If I had the chance again, I would use the Watermelon shade. Also, I wouldn't recommend this for those who have chapped lips cause it will sure hurt as what happened to me. Use a lip balm before you sleep at night--this will help! And it wouldn't look good. Look at my lower lip, it's like I have this tiny blobs. When I was applying it, some of the product got inside my mouth and stained my teeth so I had to get rid of them. Surprisingly, I was able to remove it so it's a good sign. When I tried washing my lips with water, the colour of my lips remained the same so I think for sure, it will last for hours. Will let you know after this day end. :)

The colour seemed pretty solid but when I ate some beef for dinner, it slowly faded away starting from the inner lip. But overall, I'd give this an 8 out of 10.

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