Monday, August 8, 2016

One Year Anniversary!

I became so lazy that I stopped writing. I'm actually disappointed with myself on that aspect because I promised that I will still write no matter how bad my grammar is or even if there's really no one who reads this. It's like having an outlet and I let myself down. :( For the past months though, Twitter has been my tool to express. It's easy that way and I think being away from home for a year could have been an opportunity for me to write stuff but I didn't which is a total letdown.

So much has happened for the past year and I am so happy that I survived a year here in Australia. I cried, I laugh, I broke relationships, restored them, and cried a lot more than I expected. Last July 27 was my anniversary here in Oz and I am proud to say I got through the grueling nights just to get the papers done, the exams I had to take, the theories I have to understand, the HR and ER concepts I learned, and basically just living life in another country. So here's a cake for me and for the rest of the 32 people who came all the way from the Philippines to study. :)

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