Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review: The Fifty-Three Pencil and More

I've been a huge fan of the Paper App by FiftyThree since a year ago (I think; can't really remember when I downloaded it in my tablet). It's an app similar to Adobe Draw and other drawing tools. I was instantly hooked with it but the problem is, I never had a stylus. Because I got tired drawing with my fingers, Paper became a dormant app in my tablet. When I first came here (Oz), I wanted to buy their Pencil stylus so bad but hesitated because YouTubers said it has a soft tip, which I didn't really find appealing. Last month though, I decided to buy one because I wanted to join the contest GoForTheGold by 53. It's basically asking Paper users to draw their drawing interpretation of the Rio Olympics. Ignoring the soft tip it has, I ordered immediately. The Pencil costs 70 something dollars. I thought, it's a cool deal! But I missed the whole USD label and I ended up paying for it at around 100 AUD.

My order (placed on July 29th) was supposed to arrive before the fourth week of August since FiftyThree promised in their website to have Pencil delivered in 4-10 days for regular orders. I was so excited that I bugged them the moment I realised it was one day late. I was thinking that I need to have the Pencil before the deadline of the contest but unfortunately, it didn't arrive. So I emailed them but they didn't respond promptly to me because of the huge time difference (them in EST me in AEDT). Then I decided to Tweet them. Why not? Today's support of companies are now in Twitter so I asked them about it and told them what the problem was. They immediately hooked me up with a replacement Pencil with a priority delivery. I was hesitant at first because I thought I might get someone in trouble. Good thing the person I tweeted  assured me that it's on the company, yadah yadah yadah. So I thought, great!

Now, when I checked my personal email weeks after (I was busy because of the assessments and our final examinations), I saw a mail from FiftyThree saying that I needed to wait just a little longer and maybe, on the 15th of August, my order will arrive. Then another email said that they already took care of the delay and I will be receiving all my items in double. Which is more awesome. The email stated that I will be receiving a gold Pencil as well. Ohh. Sounds pretty good. I just thought, cool, let's have it. I sent them an email back and thanked them for everything. Days after, I received my parcel on August 23. Bummer. That's the day of the announcement of the winners. I missed it!

After that, I used the Pencil for 3 straight days doodling stuff and I broke it. Well, just its tip (as shown below):

Then I asked FiftyThree again in their Twitter and they reminded me about the screen protector. Right. They told me that their Pencil don't really "like" screen protectors but they didn't said it will tear the tip. Haaaa. The one operating their Twitter said maybe getting a tempered glass protector will help. Two days after I bought my tablet and phone tempered glass screen protectors which cost at almost 70AUD. Ouch! I mean, I bought a 100 dollar stylus only to be ruined by a 14dollar screen protector so might as well spend that much, right? Yeah well, I dunno if the effectiveness of the stylus depends on the brand of the glass protector but mine isn't working as great. Sometimes when I try to zoom it, the screen won't budge or when I try to doodle, no "ink" can be seen. So if you are planning to buy a Pencil, as much as possible, get this protector:

Get it from and no, I'm not affiliated to this company.

This was the brand Twitter operator suggested me. I actually checked Zagg but they don't have it in JB-Hifi, Dicksmith, or Kogan and I'm not gonna order it again from the US. The site says they have a lifetime warranty which is the coolest part. I got my protector in Tech Centa and I'm not really liking it as much as I thought I would because it becomes oily when it gets in contact with your skin so ..I think that's the edge of Zagg. They claim that their protectors are oil-free. Please lemme know if you have it. I might order it when I go home next week.

For a regular order of one (1) Pencil, you'll get one tip of the Pencil and one tip of the eraser free. It is placed in a rectangular cardboard. I didn't know that one Pencil has 2 extra tips so I ordered 2 extra point tips and one eraser tip which would cost you around 7USD. Last week, I received the replacement Pencil including the gold one which was the bonus for the "inconvenience" the delivery has brought. Then today, I received my original order and now I got three Pencils. Don't know what to do with so much Pencils tbh but I think I'll be keeping them for now.

With the Pencil itself, I don't like how the eraser does not erase on the edges. I need to get to the middle part of the eraser for my doodle to be removed on the Paper pad. And I really hate the soft tip of the Pencil. BUT, they have an awesome customer support which I really like. Two thumbs up to that. The Pencil also has a nice grip/feel to your fingers which is what you want. You don't want your stylus to feel like stylus; you want your stylus to feel like a real Pen/Pencil. One thing I noticed is that the battery can withstand long hours of usage. I just charged it once since I got it and up to now, it still works.

So here's everything that was sent to me in the past weeks.

The front side of the Pencil with its packaging

The back side of the Pencil packaging, with the extra tips and the instruction notes

The Pencil after unboxing
The packaging of the tips

The inside look of the packaging which includes 2 point tips,
1 tip for the eraser, and the instruction manual on how to change the tips

All the products delivered to me. Thanks FiftyThree

I really hope though that FiftyThree will release a Pencil that has a hard tip. One can dream.

The image is really bad cause I shot this in my bed at night time.

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