Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Night at Nobby's Beach

I feel like I needed to go somewhere just to break the monotony of always chilling at Nobby's Beach. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Nobby's Beach. But I feel like I needed to go somewhere different. Two things I hate about Merewether Beach are the double bus rides and a long walk after it. But we'll see. I want to go to Stockton first. Just have a picnic I guess.

When I went to Nobby's a while back, I was late for the sunset because I got tired from all the walking I did when I bought my groceries. Then, I had some side trips along the way (catching Pokemons). Good thing it didn't rain. So when I finally arrived at my spot, it was beginning to go dark. I didn't really stay long because it was just me and there were no lights. As I was heading towards the starting point of the breakwater, I stopped to catch a Machop. It's not everyday that you get a Machop so I stopped, naturally. Then this woman approached me and said, "Can I have a look? I've been seeing people playing it." She knows I'm playing the game and I said, "Sure!" So I started explaining how to catch a pokemon and the pokeballs, basically just a rundown of the important things and I showed her how to catch a pokemon. Then she said, "That looks like a Teddy Bear isn't it?" Poor Machop. She's a real sweetheart though. I love it when older people are trying to understand the new craze.

There was also this one time I rode a bus going to the uni. I sat beside an old man who has rather cheerful on that day. Out of nowhere he asked me, "Are you lost?" And I said, "No." Then I realised why he asked me that and added, "I'm just playing Pokemon Go." He must've seen the  map-like interface of the app and thought I was trying to figure out my way somewhere. He was a bit interested and asked me how it works. I'm not sure how I explained it because I was surprised by his cheerfulness. :))

So that's how my day went and I will be leaving you with this sole picture I took. Have a great day!

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