Thursday, September 1, 2016

Let's Mark This Day!

Today, I cried because I read something. I just woke up and read this rather lengthy note. I decided not to respond because it'll take me HOURS to write what I feel and that would mean HOURS of crying as well. Every time I remember it, I cry. So I decided I am gonna spare my emotions this time. I only have, what, a few days left before I go home and I want it to be free from all that. Tomorrow, I will go to Port Stephens for a tour. I have been craving for a pizza this past weeks (and I know it's not healthy hence I didn't buy any - I was thinking of buying a frozen one, HA!) BUT the uni email I received said they will be serving a GOURMET PIZZA for lunch tomorrow!!! OMG. SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR.

What kept me from registering (initially) though is the thought that tomorrow's gonna be our farewell party courtesy of our landlord. I'm not sure how to cook the food suggested to me. And no, I'm not an expert in cooking batches that would still taste the same in the end. In truth, I don't really know how to cook. :)) I could cook yes and I have that confidence to cook everyday but only because at the end of it, it will just be me who'll eat what's on the plate. I don't want people to get sick because I served them an expired meat, do I? I actually did that a lot of times already and so far, they're still alive which is a good sign! *two thumbs up* What I needed to do is too cook for a number of people. Like 50? Not sure who and how many people will attend but we'll see. Now, I have the task of going to a grocery store and buy stuff, cook it tonight, and sleep like a baby after, ready for tomorrow's tour. YES! I signed up! I'm WAAAY out of budget here but 9 days, what can I say?

This past days was a bit rocky for me. Didn't really like my decisions in those days but I'll take them as lessons. EVERYTHING. I'm an ass, I know that. So yeah. What's new? I'm just glad that this will be over soon. You know what's funny is that I have a suicidal tendency. A day like this makes me think of just killing myself but of course, I wouldn't do it. Thinking alone is crazy. I'm still sane enough to stop myself from doing it though. Don't worry, I'm not gonna do it. That would be extremely selfish. I was hurt when R did it so no, no. This is getting depressing. Okay. Grocery time.

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