Thursday, September 1, 2016

Our Ourimbah Trip

Today, we went to Ourimbah campus of the University of Newcastle and had a quick tour. It was, I think, a 20 minute walk from the train station which is really convenient for students who are traveling everyday. To our surprise, we saw a miniature Holi festival on campus, hamsters balls and strapped trampolines. I'm guessing it is the culmination of the Cultural Week. The main campus has the same activity based on the Instragram posts I saw.

What I really like about the Ourimbah campus is the modern vibe you get in their library (I wasn't able to take a picture though), the cheap food, and a garden that looks like it is being surrounded by Cherry Blossoms. They also have a health bar (cafeteria) and an organic stall. How cool is that?! Plus, people in the campus are rare. Haha Meaning, it's not heavily populated. The downside though is that their cafeterias close at 3 PM

I'm hoping to visit the campus at Port Macquarie soon, hopefully before I leave. Some of the photos below are already posted in my Instagram and Twitter but because they are private, I'm sharing this to you (so it'd be easy for you to see). Enjoy the pics!

At the train station

The uni mascot!

And this is my favourite spot :)

One of the evidences of Holi

And this is what happens when you are with friends who are constantly playing Pokemon Go

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