Sunday, September 4, 2016

Terrorism in Davao City, Philippines

Okay, I don't really like to call it as such because for the past years, we call it insurgencies but never terrorism. However, since the President has already declared it to be one, might as well use it here to avoid confusion.

I was browsing my Twitter last two days ago when I saw this rather concerning tweet about my former classmate asking what the noise was about. Then I started seeing tweets from the VP of Ateneo that says there's a major explosion that happened along Roxas St. Few seconds later, CNN gave this headline of a blast, an explosion, people were dead, many were injured. The blast was along the open-air night market of the said street where students and people from different levels of society get to eat and catch up with friends and just experience Davao.

I was shocked because Davao is home. I lived in the city for four years and I get heart broken, what more for those who grew up in Davao? Every time I remember the victims, some were students, I can't help but get angry to the perpetrators. And then you can't do anything else really but to feel sick and cry with them. Imagine those poor vendors who just wanted to provide for their families. They went out and put a brave soul, not sleeping early so that they can send their children to school. And then sick people get to decide their fate in that instant.

I am about to go home this week and I intend to tour the city just to unwind before the grueling tasks ahead of me. Then the uni sent me this:

The whole world knows what happened and some of the countries already warned their citizens about it, issuing travel advisory to discourage people from going to the Philippines. A certain group already claimed responsibility for what happened and what is sad about it is that they are born and raised by their Filipino parents. They claim to be Filipinos but they gave up that right to be called as one the moment they killed other Filipinos for money. That's all there is to be honest. They hated the government so much but they are killing everyone, Filipinos and foreigners alike. They have no soul.

It's a tiring week to think that it is just starting. I pray for the victims and their families, that God will bring them comfort amidst all the hurt, that He will bring justice to those who deserve it, and that He will heal us. I just hate that some Manilenyos (not all okay) are blaming and saying stupid things like, "I thought Davao was safe?" Really? SERIOUSLY?

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